Love for olive wood, since 1977

For two generations, we have handcrafted items from olive wood for admirers of beauty and tradition

Made from pure olive wood, with love

We bring passion and professionalism to the artisanal creation of unique, exclusive items. Our master craftspeople breathe fresh life into an ancient and noble tradition every day, as they work to transform centuries-old trunks of prized olive wood into unique items for use in our everyday lives.

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Unique and exclusive pieces made from olive wood, to enrich your life

Chopping boards, cutlery, ladles, spoons, mortars: through a process of craftsmanship, olive wood from trunks selected with respect for the environment and for sustainability is transformed into unique items, in which the intricately veined pattern of its growth takes centre-stage with its striking beauty. From design to production, every phase of the process is guided by our artisans and upholds the traditions that have made this craft a true art form for thousands of years.

When tradition meets design

Whether for your kitchen, your table or your living room, learn how to make every moment of your day special with beautiful, uplifting and natural pieces made from olive wood. Grant yourself the joy of a unique accessory handcrafted by our skilled artisans and discover how to enrich every part of your home with the warmth and charm of olive wood.

Discover a love for beautiful items made by hand



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